Merry Christmas 2016

Takeaways from SCDM 2016

The good thing about SCDM conferences is that it is a conference focused in the data management and sciences space which gives greater content depth and is reflective of the speakers and panelists who have a great deal of hands-on … Read More

eClinical data innovation – What does the future hold?

If you spoke to someone 5 years back about the landscape of eClinical software technologies, they would likely talk about the various systems that primarily capture the different aspects of clinical trial data (subject level and operational level). These were … Read More

DIY Syndrome or Let the experts do it?

When we demonstrate Acuity to may users, some ask can they build their own visualization within the system? The thinking is often that this avoids back and forth changes with our data scientists developing the dashboards. My response to them … Read More