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Acuity Insights™

Reduce regulatory risk and improve quality and compliance with real-time insight. Access your portfolio views of compounds or therapeutic areas in your organization. Site profiles integrate clinical and operational data to give a comprehensive view of site performance. Subject profiles give detailed views of subject data across domains including visit information, safety data, medical history, vitals, imaging and core labs, exposure to IP and more.

Every protocol is different so we customize visualizations when needed. Then we add them to the library for future use to save time and money.

Focus on what matters: You decide what visualization templates and alerts you need and you control who sees what.

Protocol performance - Monitored

View protocol performance across a range of measures from regulatory submission to recruitment. Drill-down from global views to regional, country and site levels.

Site performance - Monitored

Choose what parameters matter and benchmark site performance. Use our statistical models or your own to forecast future performance.

Holistic subject view - Monitored

Get an up-to-date and detailed view of a subject across critical data domains.

Vendor agnostic data integration

Acuity’s highly flexible architecture can connect with multiple data sources and aggregate data into streamlined and controlled views. Commonly used data integration adapters for Insights include EDC, CTMS, IRT and eCOA.

Aggregated view of protocols

The portfolio view combines data from multiple studies. Portfolios can give a view for all studies under a compound or therapeutic area. Monitor across studies with a common oversight strategy without losing sight of individual protocol needs.

Customized visualizations

Your libraries will save time and money and produce consistency across studies but every protocol is unique. Customize dashboards and visualizations when you need them; add them to your library if you want to use them again.

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