• Acuity RBM™

    Simplified Risk Management

Acuity RBM™

Ensure teams work together to capture risks, and develop mitigation strategies and KRIs in a transparent way. All key players can access a study’s risk profile online as it develops over time. Acuity RBM™ makes sure everything that you need to focus on gets the attention it requires.

Meet 21 CFR Part 11 requirements with a secure solution that uses audit trails and version control to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Map mitigation strategies to alerts and KRIs to ensure traceability.

Cross functional risk planning - Simplified

Assess risk impact, probability and detectability in a comprehensive risk assessment at protocol and program levels. Move from risk assessment to management by developing mitigation plans and mapping to study plans. Comes as standard with the industry TransCelerate groups suggested risk, but easily configurable to your organisation or other best practice.

Central monitoring - Simplified

Use subject and site specific dashboards and alerts to monitor critical data points in real time for scheduled and ad-hoc reviews.

Site monitoring - Simplified

Sophisticated algorithms for site risk profiles and predictive trending drive focused site monitoring and provide traceability from assessment to action.

The Acuity visualization library

More than 150 pre-built visualizations encompassing safety, protocol and quality system compliance, data quality, recruitment trends, supply chain and more.

Risk Planning and Assessment made easy

Try out for free our TransCelerate aligned RACT (Risk Assessment Categorization Tool)