May 2014 has been a busy month at Algorithm. At the beginning of the month, we presented in the PSI Conference at London Tower Hill hotel. This was our first time presenting at PSI and it has been an amazing experience and huge opportunity to learn from the leading statisticians around the world.

Some of the key themes that we took away from the conference were:
• The growing use of population enrichment designs in the field of personalized/ precision medicine and the regulator’ perspective on it.
• Complexities involved in oncology trial designs and the use of several statistical methods that can help predict long term progression free survival (PFS) and audit methodologies in blinded independent review of PFS.
• The buzz around clinical trial data sharing and transparency initiatives.
• The development of Bayesian techniques, including our contribution: Biostatistics Director Arun’s paper on Bayesian assessment of sample size and study design for clinical trials of cost-effectiveness.
• Recognition of the trend towards increasing multiple endpoints and need for restricting them for effective trial design.

Apart from all these themes we were also really excited to see Mango Solutions’ approach to validation of the R programming tool and an impressive presentation by Chris on effective coding practices.

There were many other interesting sessions including modelling and simulation, predictive inference etc. but we couldn’t be everywhere at once!

The event was as much fun as it was informative with a twitter song contest (“ANOVA Brick in the wall” being the best nominated one), a pub quiz, and a wonderful closing dinner and speech by our chair Robert. We plan to come back next year to present and discuss the key topics in the field.