Guest Industry Blog: Mark Paul from CROS NT discusses lessons learnt from RBM implementation

SCDM 2017 – RBM chair Abby Abraham of Algorics reflects on his session with panellist Mark Paul, President, North America CROS NT, and the lessons learnt from RBM implementation. With the SCDM 2017 conference now complete, I’m able to reflect … Read More

Guest Industry Blog: Shobhit Shrotriya from Accenture discusses enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical trials.

SCDM 2017 – RBM session chair Abby Abraham of Algorics talks Centralized Data Monitoring with Shobhit Shrotriya, Accenture. There’s less than a week until clinical data management specialists come together in Orlando for the annual meeting of minds at the … Read More

Takeaways from SCDM 2016

The good thing about SCDM conferences is that it is a conference focused in the data management and sciences space which gives greater content depth and is reflective of the speakers and panelists who have a great deal of hands-on … Read More

FDAQRC Poster featuring Acuity data visualizations awarded ‘Best Poster’ at the Society of Quality Assurance Annual Event

Michelle Thompson, an Auditor and Quality Assurance Manager at FDA Quality & Regulatory Consultants, LLC, has been awarded Best Poster at this year’s SQA Annual Meeting. Her poster titled, “Stack, Swarm, Arc Oh My! – The Power of Data Visualizations” … Read More

Practical approach using an RBM framework to develop site risk profiles

While centralized monitoring is starting to be adopted within the bio-pharma industry, there remain questions about whether over reliance on data driven decisions, with less attention paid to the observations of the on-site monitors, will lead to erroneous risk assessment … Read More

Reflections from SCDM India – Risk Based Monitoring moves into the mainstream

Abby Abraham, Algorics VP of Clinical Solutions, reflects on his attendance at the SCDM event in India on 11th December, 2015. I’ve been fortunate to present at a number of global events recently where Risk Based Monitoring (RBM) has been … Read More

5 startups that are doing more than just raising money

Algorithm, Inc. recently marked its first year. One year in a start up, coming up to two years since I left the (relative) security of corporate employment. There are a lot of things I pay attention to these days that … Read More