RBM for mid-size CRO Press Release

‘Is Risk Based Monitoring a commercial opportunity or a challenge for mid-sized CROs?’ Algorics’ Abby Abrahams and Nicholas Hargaden review the adoption barriers and positive prospects for SME CROs who harness the power of RBM. Houston, TX, USA, For Immediate … Read More

Find yourself an entrepreneur

It has been nearly two years since I left a large global corporation and struck out on my own, firstly in consulting and then on to software products and services with Algorics, Inc. So am I an entrepreneur? Yes, to … Read More

The Future’s so Bright

I am right in the middle of a 3-month consulting project to review data traceability through one function in a customer’s business. It’s a complex system of business processes involving multiple stakeholder groups across EU and US; we are only … Read More

Prevention is better than the cure

Recently I have had discussions with different companies about situations where a software system failed to meet requirements, in some cases with serious consequences. When talking about how to stop the issue from reoccurring it is striking how hard it … Read More

Risk-based Monitoring: Its not about monitoring and its not about risk

Last week I attended the 5th Annual GCP Compliance conference in Washington, D.C. A theme of the conference was risk-based monitoring (RBM). I was there to listen and learn, as well as meet some of the people at the sharp … Read More

Whats so scary bout clouds?

I recently finished reading an excellent white paper by David Stokes on compliance and cloud computing (1). In it he gives a clear outline of what the cloud is (and is not), using the National Institute of Standards and Technology … Read More