Can our Acuity software reduce your clinical trial cost? – Well let’s find out at SCOPE

Often when demonstrating the Acuity platform or presenting our capabilities, we are asked this question: How can Acuity help us in reducing cost and improving quality? I ask them in return: does your car help you transport from one place … Read More

eClinical data innovation – What does the future hold?

If you spoke to someone 5 years back about the landscape of eClinical software technologies, they would likely talk about the various systems that primarily capture the different aspects of clinical trial data (subject level and operational level). These were … Read More

DIY Syndrome or Let the experts do it?

When we demonstrate Acuity to may users, some ask can they build their own visualization within the system? The thinking is often that this avoids back and forth changes with our data scientists developing the dashboards. My response to them … Read More

User centric design approach to data visualizations

Anybody with a working knowledge of Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint can create data visualizations today if they know how to present the tabular data in pictorial format. However, it does not mean that the data visualization has all the right … Read More

ICH E6 R2 recommendations on Central monitoring

The first change in ICH E6 – Guidelines for Good Clinical Practice is coming this year. We should remember that the previous version in the document history is dated June 1996. This time it is more prescriptive than previously and … Read More

Exciting times in-house and the Algorics team hit the conference circuit

It’s been a busy summer for the Algorics team and it’s an exciting time for the company… In-house: As a company we continue to mature and evolve, recently obtaining another wave of follow-on investment to continue our development and secure … Read More

Focus on what really matters

With the advent of Risk Based Monitoring (RBM) technologies, lot of organizations have developed large libraries of dashboards, scorecards, algorithms, alerts and other feedback mechanisms to provide signals on the data from a clinical trial. RBM however embraces the principles … Read More

Oh no!! It’s too late!!

Audits, be it internal, external or regulatory it is always a critical time for folks involved on the defending side. The below picture represents the list of major findings found by EMA in past clinical trials, it is interesting to … Read More

The top 4 things I took away from the eClinical Forum US spring risk based monitoring panel discussion

Last month finished up with a three day intensive eClinical Forum spring meeting at Philadelphia, hosted by ICON at their North Wales office. While there were many interesting topics ranging from EDC hosting to electronic source system readiness assessment, my … Read More

ANOVA Brick in the wall – PSI Conference Post Update

May 2014 has been a busy month at Algorithm. At the beginning of the month, we presented in the PSI Conference at London Tower Hill hotel. This was our first time presenting at PSI and it has been an amazing … Read More