Centralized Data Monitoring

Flexible remote monitoring that adapts to your needs

The approach to the monitoring of clinical trials is evolving rapidly.  The site monitor still remains pivotal to achieving high quality results from a clinical trial, but they are now being supplemented by the emergence of new roles and technologies that help them focus on tasks that provide maximum impact. This evolution is seeing the role of the centralized monitor become a standard part of the team running clinical trials.  These remote monitors can utilise technology to reduce the volume of source document verification (SDV) required, manage peaks in demand as unexpected and demanding situations arise, and monitor key parameters in real time looking for patterns within and across sites.

At Algorics we provide a team of experienced clinical analysts who can deliver the centralized monitoring support your study requires. Using your own technology solution or Acuity (Algorics proprietary technology platform) the team will perform systematic data reviews yielding insights for key parameters, provide direction on where to target SDV and if required wrap around a full Risk Based Monitoring strategy. This team can be added in a flexible manner around your current structures and along with your current site monitors reduce costs and increase quality.

Improve quality

Insights derived from centralized monitoring when combined with site monitoring visits will significantly improve quality of study conduct and mitigate risks to the study by facilitating for cause monitoring.

Prevent repetitive issues

Centralized data monitoring embeds quality into site monitoring outcomes by specifically detecting issues in subject and site level data and proactively preventing repetitive quality issues due to delayed detection during onsite monitoring.

Maximize monitoring value

Maximize value from experienced site monitors by using their time and expertise in doing work that gets productive output from in-person meeting and discussions like scientific engagement, process checks and relationship building.

Reduce costs

Helps in bringing down the cost of monitoring. Estimates in the industry project a reduction of 25 to 30% in the clinical trial budget.

Interested in deploying an independent centralized monitoring team?

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