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Successful clinical trial submissions require clean and right data. As the research becomes more and more complex, a lot of critical decisions need to be made in timely manner to prevent costly errors. Recruitment slowdown, unnoticed protocol deviation, a delay in SAE reporting or made-up patient diary data can cost millions of dollars impact when the data goes for submission. Being proactive and making data-driven decisions is the only way to conduct future clinical trials.

Data Analytics

Custom Solutions

We take a collaborative partner approach with clients to build customized solutions to specific business needs. With decades of industry experience in aggregation, transformation and visualization of data, we specalize in crafting the right combination of people, process and technology for your business intelligence needs.

Data Surveillance

With centralized analytics being a newer approach, it is important to ensure that we have the right expertise and trained resources in the place to drive the process. Our central data monitors will spend a considerable amount of time monitoring the data remotely and reviewing reports, identifying the risk/ issue(s). They have relevant past experience in monitoring of clinical data and a good knowledge of data management activities. They also combine good communication practices and apply critical thinking to identify trends and outliers, especially those risks related to data quality or patient safety.

Central Statistical Monitoring

Our data analysts bring in hybrid of database and SAS programming skills along with an understanding of fundamental statistics. Supported by our team of biostatisticians, they are proficient in assembling datasets in SAS; working closely with customer’s clinical data scientists; packaging and analyzing signals into readable formats. Eliminating noise from signals and providing actionable insights and fraud detection for the monitoring team.

Data Visualization

Interactive data visualization can be a valuable tool to share results with study team members and regulatory authorities as the study progress. Our team of clinical data scientists can provide tool-agnostic (Power BI, Tableau, Spotfire, Qlikview) interactive visualizations that are centered around the key performance and risk indicators which helps in optimization of the operations, early detection of data quality and patient safety issues. .

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