The month of February ended up being filled with a lot of travel culminating in the 28 hour flight to Houston that I took for two reasons. The first was to attend the Rice University event Texas Life Sciences Forum, the second to incorporate Algorithm in the US along with my partner Nick.

Attending the Rice Alliance forum it was fascinating to see the industry trends for innovation in life sciences and also to learn from seeing mature companies making elevator pitches for their next round of investments. We also heard from the VCs’ perspective what they look for before they are willing to invest their time, energy and of course their capital :-).

With respect to innovation, there was a clear momentum towards genomics, personalized medicine, and cell/stem therapies, away from the typical chemical compound based “blockbuster”. The conference room was full and was surrounded by I am sure at least 50 – 70 more eminent scientists and entrepreneurs; reflecting the energy of the day and the energy in Houston’s life sciences industry.

Most of the rest of the trip was focused on meeting with our lawyer, tax attorneys, and advisory board members to get the entity registered in the US: Finally on 26 Feb 2014, Algorithm Inc. is officially incorporated in the US! However, there was still time to catch up with some of our old friends and ex-colleagues who have always supported our venture.

Even though all of this took quite a bit of travel on the road and in the air, let me tell you it was worth all the effort. This is only the company’s beginning on the road towards our vision but as the saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.