‘Is Risk Based Monitoring a commercial opportunity or a challenge for mid-sized CROs?’

Algorics’ Abby Abrahams and Nicholas Hargaden review the adoption barriers and positive prospects for SME CROs who harness the power of RBM.

Houston, TX, USA, For Immediate Release: 3rd November 2015.

Algorics, a provider of clinical analytics solutions and software for the global life sciences industry, today announced the release of their latest white paper, ‘Is Risk Based Monitoring (RBM) an opportunity or challenge for mid-size CROs?.’ In this paper, Algorics’ Vice President and President, Abby Abraham and Nicholas Hargaden respectively, review the barriers that have slowed adoption to date within SME CROs and explore the functional changes required to support successful RBM adoption.

The barriers cited for delayed adoption take many forms; business & people concerns combined with technology & process barriers. White paper authors Abraham and Hargaden explore each in turn and review the compelling commercial drivers for mid-size CROs to adopt RBM as part of their standard approach to clinical trial management.

The authors review the many technology interventions recently impacting clinical research and discuss the general requirements for solutions to enable RBM. Recommendations for people and process change for optimal deployment are described, in addition to best practice change management thinking.

Abraham and Hargaden conclude that mid-size CRO organizations are approaching the ideal time to lead in the RBM space creating competitive value for them and their customer sponsors.