1. If you like to create a library of risks for your clinical program and reuse it for every protocol, learn how to build a knowledge repository of risks?
2. Learn about the user centric design in visualizations to understand the importance of intuitiveness required in deciphering the dashboards for monitoring teams.
3. Avoid the pitfalls of using 4 different tools to plan risks, view data visualizations, score site risk and track actions. see how our integrated RBM platform works
4. Enable decision making through data. See how our patent pending decision factory helps in identifying risks in an aggregated manner.
5. Have you found it difficult to track actions within timelines based on data review. See how actions can be generated, assigned, documented and tracked in our system
6. Would you like help in enabling centralized monitoring? We have tailored offerings from SOPs, templates and trained resources to suit your needs.
7. You have plans to implement RBM and want help in implanting it in your study and organization. We will find custom solutions.
8. Do you want to first test the waters before implementing risk based monitoring – Talk to us about a complimentary pilot study.
9. Are you ready for self-service data visualization reporting? Talk to us to understand if your teams have considered all of it before implementing.
10. Understand why standard visualizations are not just enough, your protocol is unique and our tool supports embedding protocol specific dashboards related to primary and secondary endpoints.